We get it. We understand that this is your livelihood and we are here to help you.

B.A. 1970 from ETSU; J.D. 1982 from George C. Taylor College of Law, UT, Knoxville; General Practice of Law 1983 to 1993 when I began focusing entirely on Social Security Disability.

People in East Tennessee are very hard workers and it is extremely rewarding to help people who have worked all their lives and can no longer do the work they have done for years. We work as a team to help people obtain the benefits they have earned while working and so desperately need or to which they are entitled because of mental or physical disability and income level.

I have a B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University, 2013, and an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Walters State Community College, 2008.

I have worked at Starr Law for nine years. It is my responsibility to review the case with each client, an-
swer all questions, ensure that a case is ready for presentation, assist in the summaries, and represent clients at hearings.

We all rely on each other to do our very best work for each and every client.

As Case Manager
at Starr Law, I am re-
sponsible for updating and tracking client in-
formation and collecting medical records.

The Social Security hearing office requires medical records to be updated as the hearing date approaches.

As a team, we are all familiar with each case and understand that it's all about the details.

I am usually the first point of contact for
social security disability inquiries. I help with questionnaires to de-
termine if you qualify for benefits, and schedule initial appointments with our Paralegal after the preliminary paperwork is in place. I check the status of cases with the Social Security office daily, and follow-up quickly with
any additional information needed.

We all work together at Starr Law, and we are a great team.

We support public schools and teachers because every child deserves an excellent education.


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